Grammarly Review 2022: Pricing, Pros, Cons, & Comparison

Are you wondering about Grammarly premium Worthy paying? Great, you are not the only one. In this article, Grammarly Review, after using Grammarly premium for over three years. Our review is based on Grammarly features, pricing, pros, & cons.

Grammarly is the most popular online proofreader tool used by over 30 million active users. Grammarly can spot all types of Grammatical mistakes in your text to improve your writing quality.

Grammarly Review 2022

Grammarly is a cloud-based typing assistant that was released in 2009. Grammarly automatically detects grammatical errors, spelling, punctuation, and writing tone, suggests vocabulary, and checks for Plagiarism in your writing. It helps people communicate with confidence across devices and platforms.


Grammarly’s advanced AI-based writing assistance tools check the spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, engagement, and delivery errors for posting blogs, proofreading articles, etc. 

It gives coaching to over 30 million people and 30000 teams every day to improve the correctness, clarity, engagement, and delivery of their writing. One can upgrade from its free plan to a premium plan. 

It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to recognize the fault and provide a suitable replacement. Users can also alter the language’s style, tone, and context according to their taste.

This will help the students and the professionals to elevate their communication skills. Grammarly Business can drive the organization of all sizes to accelerate business results, and Grammarly for developers empowers builders to enhance the communication experience for their end users.

Here are Some Quick Facts you need to know about Grammarly:

  • Over 30,000,000+ daily users use Grammarly. 
  • 30,000+ professional and enterprise teams use Grammarly Business.
  • 70% of Grammarly premium users increased their writing confidence level.
  • 76% of Grammarly users find online writing more enjoyable & effective.
  • Grammarly is recognized as one of the world’s most innovative AI companies by Fast Company.

Pros Of Using Grammarly 

Grammarly has been around since 2011, so they have plenty of experience in knowing what makes a writing assistance tool service excellent. Let’s take a more detailed look at Grammarly’s strong points:

1: Highly Accurate: The grammar software used by Grammarly is highly accurate and does not make many mistakes. Occasionally it can be misunderstood what a person is trying to say or put a comma where it is unnecessary. 

But overall, it has a high rate of accuracy. Accuracy is top-notch when it comes to checking grammar. You just have to know why it is asking you to change something and accept it only if it is correct.

2: Real-time Grammar Correcting: One can check the mistakes that he/she is making in real-time of writing something instead of clicking the “Check spelling and grammar” button.

3: Customization: Grammarly is also customizable. For example, if you use any type of words that are not necessarily ‘real,’ like slang or abbreviations, then there is no need to fix this every time. You just have to click “add to dictionary” when it marks as incorrect for the first time.

4: Ease Of Use: Just like Microsoft Word and Google Docs spelling check, it will also underline the incorrect words and grammar and show you what to replace them with. This is perfect for those who need some help in the grammar section but are not thrilled with the idea of using complex writing software.

5: Accessibility: Grammarly is accessible almost everywhere and is very convenient to use. Aside from its web-based service, Grammarly premium also integrates with

  • Microsoft Office: Grammarly premium covers fields like outlook and word, where it covers its most goods. For Macbook users, it works in word alone.
  • Windows and macOS: It is a native app on both systems. There is no need to fire up a web browser- just treat it like a standalone word processor.
  • Android, iOS, iPadOS: Grammarly is also available on Apple and Android platforms.
  • Browser extensions: Browser extensions can be used if one needs Grammarly for all types of web-based activities. There are separate ones for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and even Microsoft edge.

6: Plagiarism Checker: Although a plagiarism checker is not always necessary, it can be very useful to some. For example, If you are running an ad agency, you must work with many writers or public relations firms. 

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker
Grammarly Plagiarism Checker

While many may not think much of merely cutting and pasting text, it will seriously impact your business. This situation is especially true if you are producing content for the web. Search engines tend to frown on content duplication, and unknowingly using copied text can impact the search rankings.

Grammarly can scan your document and check the potential of copied content, whether it is international or other. It helps you keep safe by providing you with important insight into whether any part of your work is plagiarized or not. Then it also suggests changes if required.

7: Formality Leveling and Tone Adjusting: Formality adjustment is one of the options that can be used to customize your article. It asks whether you want your work to be acknowledged under the formal, informal, or normal categories. The option you choose, tone adjusting, will help you to meet your level of formality.

Cons Of Using Grammarly

Grammarly has some great perks going for their writing assistance service, but there are a couple of hiccups too. Even though we’re happy to see such low introductory prices with our exclusive Grammarly discount coupon, the renewal rates can get steep.

Let’s take a closer look at these downsides of using Grammarly premium plans.

1: Long Writing Format: You must accept Grammarly’s suggestions when dealing with a whole bunch of text. Otherwise, it will produce lags which will worsen with time. The lag is very much noticeable when you reach 10,000 words in a single document.

Quick Note: It’s been a while since I wrote 10,000+ words in a single document. I don’t know about this issue is still active or not. I guess you have to find it yourself.

2: Google Docs Compatibility: Grammarly does not function on Google Docs. So it will be a huge problem for those who always use this software.

3: No Refund Policy: Unfortunately, Grammarly doesn’t offer any type of refund policy with its premium plans. However, if you purchased Grammarly premium more than once on a single account, you contact the Grammarly billing team to ask for a refund.

Grammarly Pricing in 2022

Grammarly does have a free plan that you can use without time limitations. It provides you with a solution for basic spelling, punctuation, pronoun, and subject-verb agreement checks. It is sufficient for simply checking your writing on daily activities such as social media posts.

Grammarly Plans and Pricing

However, if you are writing a copy for business purposes, academic documents, online sales, or job applications, then you have to unlock the advanced features that come with a price. Purchasing paid subscription plans varies in different tiers.

Grammarly Premium Plans Pricing

Grammarly premium has three different subscription plans: monthly, quarterly, and annual. Grammarly premium plans pricing is only based on the billing cycle chosen, and they don’t limit features on lower plans.

If you select Grammarly premium annual subscription, you save more money than monthly & quarterly subscriptions. Here’s a Complete Grammarly premium pricing breakdown:

  1. Monthly Subscription: The monthly cost is $29.95. One will only pay for the paid features as long as one uses them. One can only use it to ensure their resumes and cover letters are error-free, their academic report is properly written, or their freelance writing materials are well proofread before submission.
  2. Quarterly Subscription: This costs $19.98 per month. The payment is billed as a one-time payment of $59.95. This is for the user who must stay longer with the app as it helps them save up to $29.90 for three months.
  3. Annually Subscription: It costs $11.66 per month. It is also billed as a one-time payment for a total amount of $139.95. The annual plan gives you the highest percentage of the discount. It is recommended for users such as writers, editors, and journalism students who have to write professional quality copy.


With our Exclusive Grammarly Discount Coupon, you’ll get an extra 25% discount on monthly premium plans. Our Grammarly discount works for everyone, whether you’re a student, writer, Blogger, or professional.

Grammarly premium plans discount

After using our coupon, Grammarly premium plans pricing:

  • A monthly subscription costs $24.00 per month.
  • A quarterly subscription costs $16.00 per month, billed as $48.00.
  • An annual subscription costs $9.60 per month, billed as $115.20.

Grammarly Business Plan Pricing

Grammarly offers a plan to handle the contents of the businesses. It is designed in such a way that it improves team collaboration, from casual interactions to emails and documents. 

Grammarly business

The app takes care of onboarding. It has monitoring tools for subscriptions and engagements. It also contains an optimized centralized billing system that helps expel the preferred payment methods. It also has enterprise-exclusive admin and user management controls.

The Grammarly Business plan costs $10 per month for each member. The payment is on an annual basis. To subscribe to this plan, a minimum of 3 members are required.

Education Plan: Grammarly’s education plan starts at $700 per year for ten members. For 20 users, it is $1000, and for 50 members, it costs $1700 per year. More than 50 members can contact Grammarly to request a quote.

How To Use Grammarly?

Grammarly gives you an overall score for your document based on several issues and errors it has found. Then it will take you through a series of possible grammatical problems, one at a time. Then, the problem that has been identified will provide both a long and short explanation.

Examples of correct ones are also given in this explanation. In some cases, specific wording alternatives will also be suggested. But it’s up to the user to make any specific changes. One can ignore the given recommendations if they don’t agree with the changes.

Misspellings are pointed out, and possible alternatives are also suggested. The plagiarism checker will help the writers to identify any inadvertently borrowed content. The system points out similar words that exist elsewhere and suggests citations that can be incorporated into the text to make it legitimate.

The synonym checker in the software will help you find alternative words instead of repeating the same. It also provides explanations for suggested changes and information on the type of mistake one has made.

One can paste his/her document into the editing box of the web version of Grammarly. Then they can select the document’s style and click on “Start review” to begin the process.

Is Grammarly 100% Accurate?

People always doubt in their minds that “is Grammarly accurate?

Well, the answer is. Yes, it is accurate and provides the best grammar results and solutions. It is one of the best grammar checker and spelling checkers available as a safety key that act against any sort of mistakes in the content.

However, you must remember that Grammarly is not 100% accurate every time you write something, and Grammarly can not replace professional human proofreaders.

Grammarly is suitable for casual writing for bloggers, students, and those who regularly compose content for different purposes. It provides the most accurate suggestions and explanations that are very easy to implement and understand.

Like other software, Grammarly is also not designed for manual proofreading. But this program will draw your attention to look into things and correct them. It doesn’t always get the context of your writing correct. But surprisingly, it gets most homophones correct, like meat and meat.

Summary: Is Grammarly Premium Worth Buying?

After reading our Grammarly Review, you might wonder, is Grammarly Premium Worth Buying?

Well, the answer is YES. We have found that Grammarly outranks everything by using dozens of grammar checker tools. It is fair to say that Grammarly’s premium is worth buying without any doubt. 

It distinguishes itself from others. Apart from having high accuracy and many intriguing features, it also has a steep learning curve. Grammarly does not expect its users to be skillful. 

It is designed so that anyone will find it easy to use. No other platform can compete with its accuracy and user interface. It can crosscheck all of your work.

There are over 30 million total users across the world. However, if it is still inconvenient to use, let me explain. Grammarly does not require its users to be technically good. Without any hassles, any beginner can use it. 

No other writing platform can beat when it comes to an extremely ingenious and immaculate user interface. There are several ways to use the tool. It comes in the form of a desktop app, Microsoft Word add-on, Chrome extension, and a keyboard Android application.

The checks you perform in the tool are highly accurate. It is the smartest and most advanced highlighting grammar issues than any other tool in the present market.

In my experience, I found Grammarly is the best grammar-checking & Plagiarism tool ever made. So, what are you waiting for? Just give Grammarly Premium a try. Click on the below button to get started with Grammarly premium (Our exclusive 25% discount is applied automatically).

If you have any other questions about Grammarly, let me know in the comment section. If you like our Grammarly Review & exclusive discount deal, please share it with your friends.

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