Semrush Review: Is It Worth Paying $120/Mo? (March 2023)

Semrush Review

Semrush was brought up to provide complete SEO solutions and was founded by Oleg Shchegolev in 2008. If you see its history, then in its earlier days, Semrush began its foundation with just with two tools, and now, it has come up with 48 tools. This is an in-depth Semrush Review. In this up-to-date review, we are going to learn more about.

What is Semrush?

Semrush is an all-in-one marketing & SEO toolkit that includes 40+ powerful tools for digital marketing professionals, SEO experts, and business owners. It has powerful tools to help you improve your SEO, paid traffic strategy, social media, content, Local SEO, PR strategy, and content marketing from just one platform.


A Survey was done regarding the business benefit of Semrush then it was noted that over 7 million marketers have benefited from scaling their businesses. Regarding employee benefits and business scaling, Semrush has reduced 500 employees, which benefits small and medium-scale businesses a lot, which means it manages a lot of the work of a company. 

So as you now have a quick knowledge of Semrush, have a detailed analysis of it.

  • Semrush is an advanced marketing tool that supports your research work and serves you as the best competitor. 
  • Accurately known for providing solutions from SEO, keyword research, content creation, and promotion competitor analysis, project management tools, backlink tools, etc. 
  • It helps build better strategies for spreading your business over a wide area. 

Why Use Semrush SEO Tools?

It lets you analyze your competitors’ marketing strategies and unveil secret tactics to generate traffic. You just need to enter your competitors’ URLs, and Semrush gives you complete insights into SEO strategies, backlinks, ranking keywords, top traffic sources, social media performance, etc.

Semrush Domain Overview

In addition to this, Semrush helps you discover millions of international & local keywords, Analyze any domain’s backlink profile, run effective technical SEO site audits, optimize site structure, analyze link building, analyze PPC campaigns, track your website SERP positions daily, optimize social media ads, etc.

Key Features Of Using Semrush

Below are some most interesting features of Semrush SEO tools.

1: Organic Traffic Analysis

Before competing with others, you must see your progress and performance level. You need to know how your site is performing. What’s your performance level?

All the matters get ready for you in a few minutes. This gives an outline of your website’s performance and its preview. All you need to do is first give your domain a name of your choice.

Semrush traffic analytics

Then you need to search for the saved domain name in the search bar and select the domain overview option. Through this process and step-by-step guide, you’ll get to see your website. 

You can also visit the organic research option. This gives you adequate information about obtaining data on your site’s organic keywords, total traffic, and organic position changes. 

2: Identifying Your Organic Competitors

This is one of the important and highlighting features of Semrush. This feature aims to tell you what your competitor is up to and how you can do your best. 

Determining your organic competitor is important. So what to do regarding identifying organic competitors is search for your saved domain name in your search section, then select organic research from the drop-down menu and search for it. 

This is to be done to know the insights of your competitors. You’ll be able to notice many other things, like bubbles, a competitive positioning map, a visual representation of your website, organic keyboards, and traffic.

3. Backlink Analysis

This feature of Semrush lets you study the competitor’s backlink profile. You will also benefit yourself after making the comparison between the different sites. 

Semrush referring domains

This gives updates about the recently appeared links. With this feature’s help, you can track when your competitors’ links appear or are lost. It gives you a perfect visualization that can benefit your marketing profession. 

4: PPC Analysis

PPC is the best know and one of the most powerful tools of Semrush. Ad copies can also be an issue to be handled. 

What is your competitor up to? What are his ad copies? Semrush this feature will be quite helpful for you to go different from the other competitors. This helps you in seeking your competitor’s ad. So to avoid copywriting, you can make the best use of it. 

In short, it means this is a technique made available by Semrush to keep a tab on your competitors’ keywords, their rankings in SERPs, and their ad copies. So make the best use of this feature to overcome any hurdle.

5: SEO Writing Assistant

Everything to date lacks something or is known to have some kind of weakness. The same thing goes for your website too. You may be thinking that whatever you have created is the best, but you cannot make the best judgment of your work. 

So to pick out the weakness of your website to give your appropriate advice to make changes, Semrush has an on-page SEO Checker available. This does the best possible for you and provides you with the best recommendation. 

Acts as a personal Assistant for you. This checks everything about your website, like your content’s relevancy and quality, backlinks’ trustworthiness and reputation, page title, H1, and H2 tags, and meta description. 

6: SEO Audit

Making diagnosis points to specific errors or improvements needed. So from the name, you can point out it’s working.  

This feature ensures a thorough checkup of your website to identify and fix the on-page and technical SEO issues with your site. This also makes sure to improve the performance of your website. 

Semrush Site Audit

Not only that, the thorough checkup of the website done by the availability of these features enables better visibility of your site. A report of what your site needs, like the changes or improvements needed to be made to give better insights into your site, is always being suggested.

7: Keyword Research

One of the outstanding and comparatively best known for its keyword collection is made available in this. There is below-mentioned keyword research tool made available in Semrush that serves a genuine purpose:

Semrush Keyword Magic Tool
  • Keyword Overview: This is basically for you to give you a quick summary of keywords metrics like Keywords’ monthly search volume, keyword difficulty, etc. This also gives you an idea of how many links use the same keywords. Nearby, a maximum of 100 sites. 
  • Keyword Magic Tool: This gives you an entire list of unique keywords that lets you improve your website’s entire outlook.
  • Topic Research Tool: This helps to narrow down the best topics for your next content. You are provided with a list of topics so that you can choose the best out of it. 
  • Keyword Manager: The use of this tool is to manage keywords. This is very useful when it comes to the fact that you want to know about any particular keywords, like who all are using, how much is in demand, and what is its performance rate. In this way, you will be able to make changes and keep up with the updates. This will surely bring you benefits. 

Regarding the keywords, this tool gives better insights into the organic traffic and with the cooperation of Google analytics, search console, and Semrush data. This will help you know which keyword strategy is best for you and your sites. 

How to get started with it? 

Below are the guidance steps noted in easy language. Have a look:

  • Select or write the keywords in the search bar.
  • An overview report is made visible in front of you that covers all the aspects, like all the critical keyword metrics and some top keyword variations based on your selected or chosen keywords.
  • Many keyword variations are being provided. To view all the options provided, you can click on the view all variations option made available by Semrush. 
  • Now you can easily use advanced filtering options to narrow down the variations of the word. 

8: SERP Position Tracking

The ranking is very important to know your progress. The position tracking feature of Semrush enables you to keep an eye on your competitors and what your site is ranking. It also helps in keeping a record of your site performance that also in Google search engines, and with the help of this, you will be able to know your position.

Not only that what’s the position or rank of your marketing campaigns is also informed. Get this smooth working feature to benefit you. You will be able to identify any upcoming chance to make progress. You will also be alerted with the information of which domain is getting more and more payment with the keyword, budget trafficking, and how to use this paid traffic for your purpose of marketing. 

9: Content Marketing Tools

This is one of the most profitable features of Semrush. This helps you get the best keyword, content ideas, audience interaction, etc.

  •  Marketing Calendar:   You can use this as an assistant. You can use this to remind you when to post on social media, keep a record of your upcoming events, track ads and campaigns, and many more.
  • Post Tracking: This lets you access social media posts, blog posts, backlink counts, etc. Another platform to keep track of keywords ranking.
  • Content Audit: This helps you know which is one of your top articles with the same ranking as yours. This also gives you a better idea of how s your article, what’s its insight, etc.  
  • Topic Research: With the help of this tool, you will get an idea of so many topics with which you can create your content. A blast of ideas is within this. You are also provided with what kind of subtopics your content should have to bring better outcomes. Gets you regular updates about your competitors, like what is he up to. 

9: Brand Monitoring

With the help of the Semrush feature, you can also promote and monitor the brands. This is basically a platform feature where you can know where your competitors are on social media and other platforms.  

You also get organic traffic with the help of this. It also presents a list of ideas as well as topics for you. To promote your marketing brand, you can even particularly search for backlinks providers and popular marketers.  This will surely bring benefits and get your brand more reputed and known. 

10: Advertising Research

Semrush provides one of the best platforms for you to advertise and get a hold of campaigns. There is a feature called PPC keyword research. This means pay-per-click keyword research that is responsible for getting your campaigns to the door of success. 

Semrush Advertising Research

Basically a helping hand for your successful campaigns. PPC campaign tools make sure that your campaigns are successful. It gives you an idea of which keyword can be the best to let you have more traffic. 

Not only that, several other features, like organizing your keywords, and checking the cost of per-click data, are also managed by it. This also creates a list of keywords that will suit your business and carry out your process successfully.

Semrush Pricing 2023

Related to pricing and offer, you need to have specific information. Surely, the pricing won’t surprise you. Instead, it will help you clarify the concepts and initiatives you need to make for your marketing profession to widen your business. 

Semrush Pricing

Have a look at its pricing category:

1: Pro – $119.95/month. They also do not worry if you are new to his online marketing field. We have a good package for this too. The Pro plan is basically for beginners and bloggers. If you are concerned about which projects you can continue with this plan for, this ensures you cooperate successfully with SEO, PPC, and SMM projects. 

Under this, you have two ways of investing – like if you want to purchase this plan and want to pay annually; then you just need to invest an amount of $99.95 per month, whereas if you want to pay monthly, then you can deposit the above-mentioned amount of $119.95.

2: Guru – $229.95/month. This plan is knowns the best when it comes to small business owners and solopreneurs. Guru plan ensures that even though you enjoy the Semrush features, other work as a content marketing platform, historical data, extended limits, and Google data studio integration is not stopped. 

Under this, you have two ways of investing – like if you want to purchase this plan and want to pay annually; then you just need to invest an amount of $191.62 per month, whereas if you want to pay monthly, then you can deposit the above-mentioned amount of $229.95.

3: Business – $449.95/month. This plan is best for big companies’ marketing agencies and teams. This won’t limit you to just its variety of features. 

You will still get access. API, extended limits and sharing options, google data studio integration, and share of voice metric. Under this, you have two ways of investing – like if you want to purchase this plan and want to pay annually; then you just need to invest an amount of $374.95 per month, whereas if you want to pay monthly, then you can deposit the above-mentioned amount of $44 9.95. 

As every single detail has been presented to you so that you don’t face any difficulties while purchasing any plan. For any help, our well-planned customer service is also provided. For any query, they are at your service. 

Pros & Cons Of Using Semrush

Semrush is made available with so many features that you can’t count what it doesn’t have. It highlighted features like Competitor analysis, research tools, and content development and marketing tools that make your online.

  1. You can keep an eye on your website’s performance easily. Its performance is measured in terms of organic traffic, keyword performance, search engine rankings, the kind of users visiting and demography, etc. Your website performance can be known even in other countries too.
  2. Regarding trafficking, organic traffic stands out the best. Semrush lets you have the maximum organic traffic. That’s the best part. This helps you in widening and enhance your business. 
  3. You can create as many domains as you want, giving you an easy, detailed, and complete report of your domain without taking much time and effort. It’s an effortless job for it. 
  4. Known best to sneak a peek at your competitors. 


  1. It’s a bit difficult to use. Navigation of tools is a bit difficult without proper guidance.  
  2. Expensive pricing, so investing in it is not affordable for all.
  3. The GURU plan doesn’t give access to the API feature. 
  4. Free tools let you have limited benefits. You are not provided with access to every function. 

Final Thoughts on Semrush Review

After having in-depth knowledge about Semrush, you can now have proper views and make a better judgment. As an entrepreneur, you can now think about whether Semrush is worthy enough for you to invest your time and money. 

Semrush is one of the Best known platforms for growing your business. If you want to know your marketing insights that are also made available at easy access, then this platform works the best. Get to know about it in detail

All your doubts about whether I should be using this; should I be investing time here, will this pay me off my hard work might have stopped. So hereby, according to our in-depth analysis, it can be concluded that Semrush is an excellent friend of yours. If you are investing, you are going to get a huge amount in return. 

This is surely going to take care of your site ranking and visibility. Does better judgment for you and your work. It will give you a better idea of your competitors and tell you where you lack. Thus Teaches you how to make a better strategy and keeps you ahead in the race. Don’t doubt this even once. Have trust and see the changes. 

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